2021 Food & Beverage Partners

Patty Pan Cooperative

Patty Pan Cooperative is a thoughtful, progressive food business making fresh food from local ingredients. We are worker-owned, and our offerings are available at area farmers markets and grocery stores.

Blackstar Kebab

Starting out as a labor of love in our kitchen, BlackStart Kebab is our dream come true.  Our traditional Ghanaian family recipes are made with pride. Our healthy, high-quality, organic food is our passion. Every menu item is made with the highest of standards and we think that you will agree, that this is some of the best food in the Northwest.  Our truck operates a premiere locations throughout the Seattle area. We are also available for catering and parties.

Nutty Squirrel Gelato

Expertly crafted, family friendly, and local-centric Italian ice cream with a frequently changing menu of exquisite flavors, homemade one small batch at a time.

Valley Dogs

Valley Dogs serves amazing corndogs made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients.  Operated by Falling River Meats, a King County butcher shop featuring local, sustainable and humanely raised meats.  

Jalissa Culinary Co.

Chef Jalissa Horton’s southern comfort dishes reflect her family’s favorite recipes inspired by the African Diaspora. She loves to create specialized menus, and is also offering cooking classes, meal delivery, catering, and a cooking club.

Theary Cambodian Foods

Theary Ngeth started Theary’s Cambodian Foods to keep her cultural heritage alive. “We are losing our authentic flavors and our techniques, because elders hold the knowledge of how our dishes are made and how exactly they should taste… I’m grateful I experienced my mom’s food and learned so many cooking secrets from her. That keeps me motivated to keep this food tradition alive. These are the healthy foods of our ancestors.”


Nasrin Norri is certified as a health coach, and eventually opened Jazze’s to offer healthy Afghan fusion food prepared with organic, local ingredients. Her menu caters to a variety of dietary needs and preferences, and includes paleo, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Rishi Tea & Botanicals

Rishi Tea was founded on the commitment to set the standard for quality and expand the awareness of tea and its rich, inspirational tradition. We offer premium tea and botanicals imported directly from gardens across the world. We draw inspiration from ancient artisanal practices that use organic cultivation techniques as well as modern culinary innovation. 

Sparkling Botanicals combines herbology and culinary arts with rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth. Light, refreshing and formulated for flavor and function.