Meet Your Green Allies

Make a card (or two!) of a wild plant growing near you. Use a plant leaf/flower/part to make a rubbing on a card to gift to someone or use as a reference to know that plant. Each plant offered will have an explanantion of how it can be used (medicine, edible, utilitarian) and you can taste, smell, touch and see the plant!

Wildness Within was created by Rachael Witt with the goal of bringing together people and plants in as many ways as possible. Rachael is a wild-crafter, wise woman herbalist, gardener, educator and an advocate for land stewardship.  She is a student of the natural world and, in return, finds herself teaching both kids and adults the wonderful ways of wandering and connecting with place. She currently teaches wild edible and medicinal plant workshops in the Snoqualmie Valley and also grows and wildcrafts local plants for production herbalists as well as Wildness Within’s handcrafted herbal infusions. For more information: WildnessWithinLiving.com