Up & Undies

You may have heard of a little lingerie brand called “Victoria’s Secret.” Well, Up & Undies is Seattle’s best-kept-secret in underwear. Repurposing T-shirts into comfortable, clever, zero-waste and entertaining undies is the brainchild of Ardis Burr. She started sewing in 1983, and launched Up & Undies in 2015. A Seattle native, she tries to inject some Pacific Northwest humor and personality into every pair.

Ardis started Up & Undies because she couldn’t find cute, high-cut pairs for her own tush, and used her boyfriend’s old T-shirts to practice. Women’s styles range from hipsters and granny pants to French cut. There are four different styles of men’s undies: jockey briefs and boxer briefs, as well as backless briefs and cheeky little jock straps. Each pair is one-of-a-kind, and nothing about the process is automated.

Indulge in zero waste, 100% funderwear!