Food & Beverage Partners

Patty Pan Cooperative

Patty Pan Cooperative is a thoughtful, progressive food business making fresh food from local ingredients. We are worker-owned, and our offerings are available at area farmers markets and grocery stores.

Wendy Simply Cooks

Wendy will create a farm-to-table experience sourced from seasonal, local and sustainable farms in Washington State. Her offerings find inspiration from visiting and seeing what local farms offer seasonally and building relationships with local farmers

Seattle Pops

Amazing Pops & Ice Cream Bars made from REAL ingredients!

Valley Dogs

Valley Dogs serves amazing corndogs made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients.  Operated by Falling River Meats, a King County butcher shop featuring local, sustainable and humanely raised meats.  

Jalissa Culinary Co.

Chef Jalissa Horton’s southern comfort dishes reflect her family’s favorite recipes inspired by the African Diaspora. She loves to create specialized menus, and is also offering cooking classes, meal delivery, catering, and a cooking club.

Theary Cambodian Foods

Theary Ngeth started Theary’s Cambodian Foods to keep her cultural heritage alive. “We are losing our authentic flavors and our techniques, because elders hold the knowledge of how our dishes are made and how exactly they should taste… I’m grateful I experienced my mom’s food and learned so many cooking secrets from her. That keeps me motivated to keep this food tradition alive. These are the healthy foods of our ancestors.”

Bluebird Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bar and Soda Fountain featuring small-batch premium ice cream. Visit Bluebird at the CHOMP! Farmers Market!

Pie Bar

Our Pie Bar food trucks come to you, full of our handmade pies of all kinds, made fresh every morning in the heart of beautiful downtown Ballard. Our cute pink trucks are efficient, our service is friendly, and our pies are delicious. What more do you need?

southern taiwan

A catering company dedicated to hand-crafted southern Taiwanese food in Seattle. 
We provide baos, dumplings, leave-wrapped rice, tea & milk tea, ice jelly desserts, and more!

Boon Boona Coffee

The story of Boon Boona starts with one man and connects two cultures, worlds apart.

Our founder and CEO, Efrem Fesaha, grew up in Seattle. While the city’s grab-and-go coffee culture was all around, his Eritrean family performed the traditional coffee ceremony that is part of daily life in Eritrean and Ethiopian households. After a trip to Asmara, Eritrea, his love for East African coffee culture truly took root.

Inspired by the slower pace and welcoming community of Eritrean cafes filled with the fragrance of roasting beans, Efrem returned to Seattle with a heartfelt mission. He was determined to share the unique flavors and traditions of East Africa, where coffee is not just a drink–it’s a daily pause, and a chance to gather with friends and family.

With social impact built into our business, Boon Boona Coffee is now a source of connection and opportunity for both African coffee growers and the Greater Seattle community.

Galileo's Pizza

Fabio’s passion for food and cooking came from a young age and he quickly grew to become a chef in his home country. In 2018, Fabio came from Italy to Washington state where he started his online journey to show people how to cook Italian food “the right way”. 

Now he has continued on this journey and opened Galileo’s Pizzeria & Restaurant where he is able to cook and share his infectious and boisterous passion in person. Through Farmers’ Markets, events, and parties, Fabio is able to finally let the Pacific Northwest crowd taste what authentic Italian Neapolitan style pizza truly is; fresh, quality ingredients on top of a pizza baked in minutes, leaving a memorable taste that will leave you wanting more.

kenyan kitchen

We bring a unique culture of food such  as East African cuisines. Our food caters to  all ages and cultures, and also serve vegan/vegetarian dishes such as samosas and veggie curry with rice, and also beef samosas. 

Kaur's Kitchen

Kaur’s Kitchen offers North Indian food including a variety of vegetarian options