King County’s CHOMP! returns to Marymoor Park August 21st, 2021 for a full day of local food, hands-on activities and live music!  Check back here for CHOMP!’s music lineup, featured activities and more – coming soon!

Thank you for joining us for the first ever virtual CHOMP! Summer Camp!

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2020 CHOMP! Beneficiaries

Each year CHOMP! partners with a local organization working to improve access to healthy, locally grown food in King County. We are very excited to announce that we have two beneficiaries this year: the Black Farmers Collective and Wakulima USA

Black Farmers Collective

The Black Farmers Collective is a Black-led mutual aid network of BIPOC farmers, organizers, and leaders creating a food system for healthier communities. Our two sites include Yes Farm and four acres located out in Woodinville, both of which are part of our efforts for land acquisition, BIPOC farmer development, community building, educational programs, and growing food.  We believe the key to a more sustainable, equitable future for communities of color requires addressing food insecurity and fighting for food sovereignty.  Learn more at https://www.blackfarmerscollective.com/

Wakulima USA

WakulimaUSA is a farming collective focusing on cultural affirmation, widespread access to healthy food, and fostering the growth of farmers and food entrepreneurs. Wakulima, which means “farmers” in Swahili, promotes sustainable farming by using underutilized land, and transforming it into vibrant community spaces that can generate culturally relevant food and income for growers. WakulimaUSA engages all kinds of residents in the local community to get involved, and recognizes that for many people, gardening is therapeutic.  Wakulima USA also hosts regular community gatherings for people to eat together and gain skills in not only farming, but in business and entrepreneurship.  With these gatherings, Wakulima USA builds connections with other communities they live among and learn about their goals, creating more areas of collaboration and support.  Learn more about Wakulima USA at https://www.wakulimausa.com/

Thanks to our 2020 Sponsors and Partners!

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