Conservation Corridor

Welcome to the second year of the Conservation Corridor! Come connect with local King County non-profits and community action groups engaging residents in conservation action. Learn about what these incredible groups are working on to help create a healthier planet for the future. Inspired? Sign up to get involved.  

Conservation Corridor Activities

Protect Local Waterways

What does it mean to "adopt" a drain? By adopting a drain you will be making a commitment to monitor and maintain a drain of your choice. Create a positive impact by preventing flooding in your neighborhood by keeping drains free of debris; preventing pollutants from entering our lakes, rivers, creeks, and Puget Sound, which impact the habitat for fish and other wildlife; and helping the city maintain our infrastructure, especially during fall months when rain increases and falling leaves block the drains.

Learn about Salmon

The Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project (CWCAP) uses education in action to promote clean water for the health and safety of salmon, watersheds, community, and the Puget Sound. Come learn about the work this volunteer-run group has be doing for the past 30 years, and how you can get involved in their salmon programs. Joining them will be the Carkeek Park Advisory Council and the Seattle Watershed Alliance

Salminco Board

The Environmental Science Center (ESC) is a nonprofit organization offering experiential environmental education programs for all ages at local beaches, streams, forested areas, and school gardens throughout south King County. Come play the Salminco Board to ee if you can survive to spawn as a salmon to win prizes! Everyone who plays will get the chance to color our salmon stewardship message sheet.

What's Happening in the Watershed?

Free the Green embodies a commitment to ecological restoration that resonates throughout WRIA 9. Working hand in hand with private entities, counties, and municipalities, our dedicated team at Green River College is at the forefront of environmental rejuvenation. Our mission is to inspire and engage communities in safeguarding and enhancing green spaces. By embracing interdisciplinary approaches and diverse knowledge forms we aim to foster harmonious coexistence relations with nature to create a resilient and vibrant environment for current and future generations.

What's Buzzin?

Curious what the life of a bee is like? Come chat with these friendy bee keepers to discover the hive life of our local honey bees, and the native plants that keep them fed year round.

A Game of Wits and Reflexes

Curious about what goes in the recycling bin, the commercial compost, and the landfill? Come test your sorting skills at The Recycling Challenge! Play in causal more or add some spice by racing the clock or a friend. Prizes include compost bins, compostable bags, and yard waste sacks.

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