Farmers Village

At the CHOMP! Farmer Village, you and your whole family can enjoy a huge variety of activities and information from our amazing program partners.

What role do farmers play in the local food system? Is it just producing food, or perhaps there’s more? Are food waste and food production connected? Just what is gleaning and does it provide creative solutions to feeding people? How does food get from farms to chefs’ kitchens? Does all food need to look uniform and perfect to taste good? Where can you go to see food being produced and get a real farm experience? And, just what can you do to eat more local?

Find out answers to all of these questions and more at the Farmers Village. Partners who work across the spectrum of the food system will be on-hand offering resources, creative ideas and sharing interesting things you may not already know, plus offering plenty of fun activities for all ages.


This year we are very excited to have Dandelion Fuzzies Mini Farm and the Woodland Park Zoo Mobile Zoo at CHOMP! Not only will you be able to meet them, but you’ll also get a chance to learn about how these  wonderful animals have always been an integral part of farming here in the Pacific Northwest.

Farmer's Village Partners

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