Upcycle Bazaar

King County Makers

The future of our product-driven world is to make new things from the old. The Upcycle Bazaar features the work of our local makers who upcycle materials to keep them in use as long as possible! You’ll also be able to browse upcycled products, make sock puppets with repurposed materials, and learn how small changes can make a huge difference. 


Upcycling makers & Activities featured at CHOMP!

CHOMP’S Upcycle Bazaar is about helping network King County Upcyclers to each other to create a larger, more organized, zero waste circular economy in King County. Find these featured makers below, as well as some fun activities to show off your upcycling skills!

Mimi's Zero Waste Market

We are Seattle's newest bulk and plastic-free shopping option. Now open in the Crown Hill neighborhood. In addition to the household products, skin care, hair care, and gifts available on our website, we also sell bulk foods. We sell organic flours, grains, and beans, along with herbs, spices, teas, nuts and baking ingredients.

Robots, Aliens & Rocket Ships!

Learn the power of creative reuse as you make fun and imaginative creations! Our teaching artists will help guide you through the process of taking our reused and recycled materials and turning them into an all new piece of art! Family friendly, ideal for ages 5+

Second Use

Second Use will be offering reclaimed materials, as well as providing info on their salvage services and retail stores. Come say hello and find your next creative project!

Fix-It Mending Station

Presented by Zero Waste WA in partnership with Refugee Artisan Initiative, the Fix-it Fair Mending station will offer visitors free mending services. Bring your ripped jeans, sweaters with holes, shirts without buttons, pants in need of seaming, and other fabric/knitted items that need mending. Open 10am - 2:30pm.

Furniture Repair Bank

The Furniture Repair Bank rescues furniture from going to the landfill, repairs it with help of volunteers, and porvides the finished pieces to refugees and low-income community members. Come learn about furniture waste and how everyone can contribute to mitigating climate issues. Visitors will also have an opportunity to sand and paint small furniture items (this will be a no-dust no-smell activity) and to explore the process of restoring furniture.

Upcycling is part of a larger system called the Circular Economy

Learn more about the circular economy below and how we can think of the many different ways to cycle materials in our economy (interactive map below)

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