Upcycle Bazaar

King County Makers

The future of our product-driven world is to make new things from the old. The Upcycle Bazaar features the work of our local makers! You’ll also be able to participate by learning, and even making your own special something.

*** Bring an old tee shirt and learn to screen print with Second Use!***

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is part of a larger systemic shift from a linear economy (make, use, dispose) to a circular economy, which means our valuable natural resources stay in use for as long as possible. Learn more about this process with the interactive maps below!

Upcycling makers featured at CHOMP! 2018

CHOMP’S Upcycle Bazaar is about helping network King County Upcyclers to each other to create a larger more organized circular economy in King County. Find these featured makers below at the event!

Planter Planet

Colorful, playful planters made out of repurposed plastic toys. planterplanet.bigcartel.com

Seattle Made

In the summer of 2014, over 100 Seattle-based producers and manufacturers—makers of everything from chocolate to propellers—gathered alongside city, state, and allied non-profit orgs, to...
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Second Use

We are a Community Business. Our materials come from and are used in the local region. The company itself is locally grown. The owners are...
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Up & Undies

You may have heard of a little lingerie brand called “Victoria’s Secret.” Well, Up & Undies is Seattle’s best-kept-secret in underwear. Repurposing T-shirts into comfortable,...
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Paper Butterfly Forge

Bringing broken books back to life,  upcycling books into journals and notebooks. paperbutterflyforge.com  

Spalted Home

Spalted Home creates carved and crafted items for your home and life meant to remind you to slow down and enjoy the little things. All...
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Lizard and Lace Boots

We specialize in boots that we collect from various thrift stores, estate sales, etc and restores them to their original condition. They are beautiful, affordable...
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Seattle Recreative

Seattle ReCreative is a creative reuse and art center that takes items that might otherwise end up in the landfill and uses them to make...
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Upcycling is part of a larger system called the Circular Economy

Learn more about the circular economy below and how we can think of the many different ways to cycle materials in our economy (Interactive Map)

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The Upcycle Bazaar visualized as a network

Here are all the upcyclers using the circular economy in King County from every annual CHOMP! Upcycle Bazaar. (Interactive Map)

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Circular Economy


If you are interested in connecting to others in our circular economy in King County, connect with our sponsors Seattle Made, Cascadia Consulting, and Second Use to learn more.