CHOMP! Summer Camp Video Library

Zucchini Potato Fritters Cooking Demo

This video features a Garden Tour and Zucchini Potato Fritters Cooking Demonstration with Dr. Sally Brown, a Soil Scientist & Professor at the University of Washington, who just happens to be a former chef. Dr. Brown will take you inside (or really outside) to her garden, where she grows potatoes, zucchini, and onions with King County’s Loop compost. Dr. Brown then takes you inside her kitchen, where she’ll show you step by step how to make delicious and easy to cook zucchini potato fritters. This video is made possible by King County Biosolids Program (Loop).

How To Make Your Own Butter with Mikey The Rad Scientist

Mikey the Rad Scientist has been singing and performing nature and science inspired music for children for over ten years. During Quarantine he teamed up with partner Kaylee Cole to provide a fun science-themed live streaming show that attracted the attention of King 5 news, Evening Magazine and Seattle's Child magazine. The show has been popular with kids and parents looking for a fun and educational activity to be part of their online learning. Tune in to Mikey Mike the Rad Scientist every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:30am on Facebook Live - https://www.facebook.com/MikeyTheRadScientist/

Henna U-Pick Blueberry Farm Interview

The CHOMP! team has visited a whole bunch of farms over the past couple weeks, and one of our favorites is Henna U-pick Blueberry Farm. Here's a short clip featuring Henna and Nayab Khan, owners of Henna Blueberry Farm talking about a few of the things you can make with fresh blueberries.

Patty Pan's Tour of the Vegetable Kingdom

If you've been to CHOMP! in years past or if you frequent local farmers markets then you are no stranger to Patty Pan. We're excited to have Patty Pan's founder, Devra Gartenstein, with us to talk about families of vegetables...and how you can prepare a few. And if you are craving Patty Pan, they are doing home delivery as well as selling onsite at farmers markets. Check out pattypan.coop for more info!

Food Security vs Food Sovereignty

King Conservation District explores the difference between food security and food sovereignty. Join Cly Samson of King Conservation District's Community Agriculture program as she goes on a journey to learn the difference. If you are unfamiliar with King Conservation District their agency helps to manage King County's natural resources through education and conservation efforts. Learn more at kingcd.org

Zora's Zucchini Reading with Katherine Pryor

Local author Katherine Pryor reads her children's book Zora's Zucchini. Katherine's books have been used to support nutrition education, and Zora's Zucchini won the 2016 Growing Good Kids Book Award. The book is illustrated by artist Anna Raff, and tells the playful story of a child who discovers the wonder of growing food and the joy of growing a community.

Dandelion Fuzzies Mini Farm Tour

Visit Dandelion Fuzzies Mini Farm! See goats, chicks, Kunekune pigs and more! Learn more about Dandelion Fuzzies at https://www.facebook.com/DandelionFuzzies/

Assessing Your Soil with King County's Biosolids Program (Loop)

Check out a Soil Texture Assessment with Ashley Mihle, Compost Project Manager of Loop, King County's Biosolids Program. Ashley shows you how to see what your soil texture is – if you have a clay, sandy, or silty soil – and what to do to help your garden grow. Don’t have a garden? This fun, quick activity is a great way to get out of the house and get your hands dirty. It teaches you about soil health and can be done with your kids in your own neighborhood. So roll up your sleeves and give it a try!

Explore the Water Cycle with The King County Wastewater Treatment Division

Join the educators from King County Wastewater Treatment Division as they teach a virtual water lesson! Through hands-on activities, science experiments and virtual water tours, King County's Wastewater Treatment Division teaches students of all ages about our water systems and what they can do every day to protect our environment. In this video we'll explore how we're connected to the water cycle. In addition to learning more about water as we read a story, we'll conduct a scientific experiment and find out what we can do each day to help keep our water clean! There are some common household items need for this experiment if you'd like to follow along at home.

Making Your Own Worm Bin with Mikey the Rad Scientist

Mikey the Rad Scientist stops by to teach us how to make our own worm bins so that we can turn our waste into compost for our gardens!

A Look at King County's new Local Food Finder

King County's new Local Food Finder is an interactive online tool that connects residents with local farms that have been hit hard by COVID-19. Through the local food finder shoppers can have fresh food and flowers delivered to their homes, can place an online or for pickup, and can locate Farm Stands and markets in their neighborhoods. If you're looking to support local farmers and find delicious, locally produced food make sure to check out the Local Food Finder. Visit King County's Local Food Finder here - https://www.farmkingcounty.org/local-food-finder.html

Gardening Tips from Viva Farms

This video features a short series of garden tips from some of the incubating farm businesses at Viva Farms in Woodinville. Viva Farms works to preserve sustainable farming by creating a strong and just local food system. They do this by empowering aspiring and limited-resource farmers by providing bilingual training in holistic organic farming practices, as well as access to land, infrastructure, equipment, marketing and capital. Learn more at https://vivafarms.org/

Farmer Frog Tour and Discussion on Food Rescue

Here we visit Farmer Frog, an organization that supports school gardens and develops farms to encourage hands on learning to nurture communities. This video highlights Farmer Frog's work with EastWest Food Rescue, and together the organizations have saved millions of pounds of food and redistributed it to communities in need. This video shows once again the power of local producers to benefit entire communities by working together. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/thefarmerfrog/

Nurturing Roots Farm Spotlight

We're excited to share a farm spotlight: Nurturing Roots Farm located in Beacon Hill, Seattle. This short film features Nurturing Roots founder Nyema Clark and takes a look at how the farm started, how gardening creates community, and how community farming can educate youth and community members on healthy food choices. Learn more about Nurturing Roots Farm at https://nurturingrootsfarm.bigcartel.com/

Goat Milking on Dandelion Fuzzies Mini Farm

We're headed back to the Dandelion Fuzzies Mini Farm for a goat milking demonstration. Most of us buy milk at the store or our local market, but don't actually know how or what goes into milking cows and goats. Larisa is joined here by a very special helper to show how she milks her goats everyday!

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping with One Glass Jar

Shop more sustainably! Siobhan McComb, owner of One Glass Jar, has been presenting the zero waste lifestyle since 2012 in the Pacific Northwest. She has presented to Amazon, The Recology stores, King County library system and Washington State University. She has also been featured in The Washington Post for her zero waste work. Today she is going to take you on a virtual zero waste shopping trip at her local grocery store - and show some easy changes you can make at home even during the pandemic to reduce waste.

Adapting Farmers Markets During Covid

It goes without saying that we are all feeling the impacts of COVID-19, and farmers and farmers markets are no exception. Many markets are closed or look very different this summer, yet the pandemic has shown us that Farmers Markets are essential. This next short video shows how farmers markets in King County rapidly innovate and adapt to continue serving the farmers and communities that depend on them, during this pandemic and in the years to come.

A Tale of Two Soil Tests with King Conservation District

In this video our friends at King Conservation District provide two methods that you can try at home to help with determine what kind of soil you are working with and identifying potential issues. Watch to find out how you can test at home as well as submit a sample to be analyzed by King Conservation District! Learn more about KCD at https://kingcd.org/

Goat Yoga with Dandelion Fuzzies Minifarm

This video will get you off the couch and feeling much more relaxed. We're heading back to Dandelion Fuzzies Mini farm where viewers can follow along as the instructor leads a yoga session featuring a few fuzzy friends.

Farm Stand Safety Tips

We have a short video from King County with key points about safety when visiting local farms and farm stands. As we support local producers, it is important do so safely. Here are a few easy steps we can all take.

Screen Printing Tutorial with The Vera Project

Want to learn how to make your own silk screens? Look no further as The Vera Project shows you how as they create a custom CHOMP! Summer Camp tote! Support The Vera Project and learn more about their programs at http://www.theveraproject.org

How to Make a Carrot Flute with HonkFest West!

Our friends at Honkfest West show us how to make instruments out of vegetables! How fun is that? Visit Honkfest to learn more - https://www.honkfestwest.org/

Making Music At Home with Chong The Nomad

Chong the Nomad shows you how to make music with just a few samples using a 3x Oscillator and a drum pack she put together for you to download. Get the 3x Oscillator at - https://bit.ly/32OOLB5 Get Chong the Nomad's Drum Pack here - https://bit.ly/2D8agDX

Tomo Nakayama - CHOMP! Virtual Performance

Tomo Nakayam performs live to celebrate the end of CHOMP! Summer Camp 2020. Learn more about Tomo and buy his new record 'Melonday' at http://tomonakayama.bandcamp.com