Zucchini Races

Squash the competition

New in 2018 – Zucchini Races!

It’s that time of year – there is zucchini EVERYWHERE! Decorate your squash, put some wheels on it, and race it at CHOMP! Everyone can participate.

Presented by 21 Acres

- How it works -

Get a zucchini

 Any size will do, just make sure it’s big enough to decorate and put wheels on. Heavier zucchini go faster, if you have the need for speed!

Decorate it

We will have decorations galore for you to make your zuke car your own! Throw some wheels on there, give a test run and then…

Race it!

See how your car stacks up! Race your friends family, or new friends you’ve made at CHOMP! 

Keep it or recycle your zucchini

If you don’t want to take your zucchini car home, we will take care of it for you. Our Partners at Imperfect Produce will use it to feed our furry friends at the Heartwood Haven!

BOOK READING: 2:00 PM Local Author Katherine Pryor will be reading her books “Zora’s Zucchini” and “Sylvia’s Spinach”

Thanks to our Partners

See how fast that Zucchini grows!