The RepairCycle is a mobile bike trailer and garment mending service. We offer visible clothing repair and teach mini workshops in the greater Seattle area....
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SCOOP Marketplace

Scoop Marketplace will be setting up shop at CHOMP! They offer an efficient shopping experience with a variety of package-free groceries in one easily accessible...
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Metamorphic Gear

Everything old can be new again. We are always on the lookout for materials we can give a new lease of life to by upcycling...
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Refugee Artisan Iniative

The Refugee Artisan Initiative is a non-profit organization in Seattle to provide training, tools and equipment for immigrant and refugee women with limited income to...
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Eco Collective

Eco Collective is a zero waste store geared towards the sustainable lifestyle. We empower individuals to reduce their waste and live a little lighter on...
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Fix-It Fair

Fix–It Fairs are FREE community-based events. At CHOMP, our sewing fixers will be there to help us to reduce textile waste! Bring your clean clothes for donation.  We’ll also offer simple...
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Come make glove monsters, finger puppets and sock dolls with Seattle ReCreative. Using recycled materials and cast off gloves, mittens and socks you can put...
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